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Bound Together (book)


We’ve written a book. Yes, it’s our first foray as a band into the world of erotic fiction. Martha works as a scullery maid for the very handsome and wealthy Lord Featherbottom… No, sorry, it’s not really an erotic fiction novel. This book features lots of stories from the last thirteen years, the strange things that have happened while on tour, as well as tales from our early years, and how the heck we got into this mess. We’ll be telling the stories behind some of the songs we’ve written, complete with song lyrics, and we go into detail about the songwriting process. All this is accompanied by lots of photos taken over the last thirteen years.

Chapter titles include: The Wrestling Theologians; Sleep Walk of Shame; Islamic Extremism vs Morris Dancing; In Bed With a Drunken, Gassy, Over-sensitive, Vegetarian Frenchman, and an Angry Old Meditator.

We’ll transport you to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, and the back room of a Stockton pub where all this madness started. Come with us as we hitchhike and busk around England, sing shanties with drunken Germans, get thrown out of a Conservative club, nearly perform for the Queen, have earnest conversations with inebriated old Hartlepool fishermen, and collaborate with Vic Reeves.

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  • CD - £12.00
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